Dr. Coralie Srivastava

Dr. Coralie Srivastava is a researcher, writer, Vastu Shastra and Geopathic Stress consultant. She has received her Ph. D degree from the Zoroastrian College on the importance of using the Universal Scanner and Vasati Yantras to obtain optimum health and create a stress free environment and life. She is an expert at counter balancing Geopathic stress and negative energy fields in the house using Geopathic Stress rectification tools and Yantras.

She has been awarded a Honorary Doctorate by the Indian Institute of Complementary Medicine. She has received the Bharat Nirman Award for Excellence in Vastu Shastra and Geopathic Stress Rectification in 2013, the Vastu Shastra Consultant of the Year Award 2013 – 2014 and received the Gyan Jyoti Award on 10th of October 2014.She is currently working as a Vastu Shastra and Geopathic Stress Consultant in New Delhi and as the freelance Vastu Shastra Editor for the Hindu Today, London, UK.

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I had been having a lot of problems in my life, both personal and professional. I didn't know what to do, so I decided to consult a Vastu expert. The expert told me that my house had a lot of vastu doshas, and that these were causing the problems in my life. She gave me some advice on how to correct the doshas, and I followed his advice. Within a few months, I started to see a positive change in my life. My problems started to resolve themselves, and I started to feel more positive and optimistic. I'm so grateful to the Vastu expert for helping me to improve my life.


I was building a new house, and I wanted to make sure that it was vastu compliant. I consulted with a Vastu expert, and she gave me some great advice on how to design the house. She also helped me to choose the right location for the house, and she made sure that the house was aligned in the correct way. I'm so glad that I consulted with a Vastu expert, because my house is now vastu compliant, and I'm sure that it will bring me good luck and prosperity.


Make Your Relationship Stronger​​

Make your relation stronger & healthy with your wife, Parents, Siblings and Friends

Increase Focus and Productivity

Correct Vastu can increase your work and productivity by let you focus in your space.

Better Health Condition

Experience a boost in your health and live a longer life

Improve Your Financial Condition​

Decrease your debt or loan and make your hand full of money

Helps You in Spiritual Growth

Let you less distract during meditation, yoga & spirituality and enhance your life.

Elevate your career

Get more career opportunities and promotion in your work life.

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