Yantra Therapy

What is Yantra Therapy?

Yantra Therapy

The best tools to transmute and transform spatial energies

A Yantra is a Sanskrit word meaning “to restrain, curb, check” and are powerful tools that remove afflictions, balance the energies in the house with the house owners horoscope or obtain a particular result for example to earn more, to enhance spirituality, to reduce stress, block negativity and to be even more specific to excel in studies or to have a child etc.
Yantras are constructed using complex geometric diagrams, their related colours, specific writings and corresponding mantras to empower them and allow them to change the vibrational energies in their immediate surroundings. Marcus Schmieke, the German scholar of Sanskrit and Vastu Shastra who has designed these Yantras states that, “the importance of the symbols in the Yantras is that they symbolise the subtle power of the planets.” Therefore, the person drawing the Yantras can only do so on the specific day and time and wearing the corresponding colour to the Planet in question.
The directional, karmic Yantras which I use to balance the energies in the house are 12 and they deal with the Asthadipalar or the eight principal Gods/ presiding deities of each direction. These are :
Sanskrit Name
Ruling Planet
Associated with
North East
Luck and Spirituality, learning and teaching
Overall Health and career
Money, female health, beauty
Ambition, brothers
Power, respect of elder
Independence, discipline
North West
Emotion and mental wellbeing

Finance and communication
Lord of Universe
Balance, spirituality and Peace
Using the Universal Scanner and Vasati Yantras is a new technique of doing Vastu Shastra.It has been devised by Geeta Mannem, the daughter of Dr Murthy, the scientist behind the Universal Scanner and I. It not only balances the energies in the property and makes the property an effective protective shield against the outside forces but also improves the health, wealth and luck, spiritual growth of the persons living there.

The amazing power of these Yantras can be scanned using the Universal Scanner and their aura irrespective of the size of the Yantras was discovered to be 7 feet in diameter. That is the reason why these Yantras are especially useful in removing the Vastu defects in any given property. When using the Universal Scanner to scan a property, the scanner suggests a few Yantras apart from those balancing the Vastu Dosh or defects. These extra Yantras balance the house owner’s horoscope with the aura of the house. Apart from measuring for Vastu Dosh, and balancing the horoscope with the house, the Univeral Scanner also takes into account the negative energy caused by the presence of Geopathic Stress, and in most cases the scanner suggests Yantras for the exact point of the entry and exit of the Geopathic Stress lines in the property. Therefore, if the client does not feel the need to place the rods to move the Geopathic Stress lines out of the property, the Yantras try to bring down the negative energy caused by these Geopathic Stress lines. However, I do stress on the importance of placing the rods and then the Yantras work to replace the energy and enhance the directional vibrations which were out of sync because of the Geopathic negative energies.

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